Premium Black Paper CD Sleeves with Window & Flap 110g

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Quantity on Hand: 65,300 (as of 07/23/2024)
Category: Paper Sleeves

This paper CD/DVD disc envelope has a plastic window to view your CD or DVD, as well as an ungummed flap and tuck into tab closure. Perfect for a personal CD collection or a DJ collection, these durable sleeves are an economical choice and make organizing easy.

Manufacturer: Mediaxpo


  • Category: Paper Sleeves
  • Color: Black
  • Size: Standard
  • Thickness: 100g
  • Capacity: 1 Disc Single
  • Type: Window, Flap
  • Material: Paper
  • Measurement: 127mm x 125mm (5 x 4 7/8 inches)
  • Made from Premium 100g paper
  • Economical way to store your discs
  • Clear poly window allows easy viewing
  • Ungummed flap is designed for repeated use
  • Tucks into tab in the back to secure contents


May 25, 2022 Verified Purchase

Perfect color green, well made

Paul Glover

January 22, 2022 Verified Purchase

1 x Paper CD Sleeves with Window & Flap from our store X 50 G R E E N

They came quickly but - the way they were packaged with a tight clear plastic wrap - so tight that some were squished and bent !

John Doe

January 15, 2022 Verified Purchase

Paper CD Sleeves with Window & Flap

Clifton Gremillion

November 21, 2021 Verified Purchase

CD envelopes

Great envelopes!

Eric Schusterman

August 26, 2021 Verified Purchase

Good purchase

Mailed quickly Thx

Brenda Rose

August 3, 2021 Verified Purchase

Satisfied customer

Exactly as advertised. Fast delivery! Great communication!

Ella Hickman

July 8, 2021 Verified Purchase

great product great price

Adam Gwinn

July 3, 2021 Verified Purchase

what I needed

thanks again

alfonso santellano

June 25, 2021 Verified Purchase

Great service !!!


Danny Russell

June 10, 2021 Verified Purchase

CD sleeves

I was happy to have found your site. These are hard to find and at a good price. Thanks!

Wayne Ivey

May 4, 2021 Verified Purchase

good quality

Arrived quickly, consistently good quality.

Henry Buehner

February 6, 2021 Verified Purchase

Excellent service and merchandise.

shelton cannon

October 18, 2020 Verified Purchase


Good products and fast shipping. The price is unbeatable!!


September 17, 2019 Verified Purchase

Sleeves For Cds & DVDs

they are very good quality sleeves and I use a lot of them with my computer every year! Gerald


July 19, 2019 Verified Purchase

Paper CD Sleeves with Window Flap

Simply a perfect product to protect your CD from scratches, whether youre storing your CDs or using them for protection with maybe a presentation package. Ive been using them for years! Clients love them!


June 18, 2019 Verified Purchase

Single Colored Sleeves for DVDs or CDs

We give away large quantities of DVDs. I was so happy to find a company who supplied single colored sleeves at a great price! We will be ordering more for our events and we will pass their name to anyone interested. Thank You!

Elder John

March 11, 2019 Verified Purchase


To Team Checkoutstore, I am amazed by your quick service and quality of the product. Thank you for the special order that you made up for me.


October 17, 2018 Verified Purchase

Black Paper CD Sleeves with Window & Flap

We have ordered these sleeves several times. Since the first order, we have been very pleased with them, hence, the reordering. I would recommend these when you want to protect your discs, but dont want to give up a lot of space that vinyl cases would take up. Theyre quite strong and take wear & tear very well for paper.

Douglas B. Hobart

August 22, 2018 Verified Purchase

Paper CD Sleeves with Window & Flap

The Sleeves are perfect for my purpose and the service was great. I will be ordering more as I need them. Thank you.


May 28, 2018 Verified Purchase


Product was exactly what I expected it to be. Material used for the CD sleeve was of good quality.

Sharon Franzen

January 13, 2018 Verified Purchase

Cd sleeves with window and flap

These are great for organizing unmounted rubber stamps and smaller metal dies. This is the best price that I have found, and I am happy with my purchase.

Barbara K.

August 24, 2017 Verified Purchase

DC envelopes with window

Easy to order, best price and quick delivery. A wonderful first experience, planning on ordering other items.


August 16, 2017 Verified Purchase

working great

working great

Robert G. Comer

June 6, 2017 Verified Purchase


I received my order in record time and I am very pleased. Thank you for free shipping! Thank you.


May 8, 2017 Verified Purchase

DVD Sleeves

Received in good condition and it was exactly right price and will work for my needs.


September 13, 2016 Verified Purchase

CD Sleeves

These sleeves are perfect for storing cd/dvds. And they are a real bargain. Good quality,great price.

Retired Vet in SC

August 25, 2016 Verified Purchase

Great CD Sleeves

These CD sleeves are of good quality and perform well. I go through a lot of theses at my job. They are worth every penny.

Merry Zinis

May 11, 2016 Verified Purchase

red CD sleeves

The product was exactly what I ordered, and I cant believe how quickly I received the package.


March 30, 2016 Verified Purchase


fded color. quality okay but not as nice as leading brand.


February 25, 2016 Verified Purchase

Good quality

I also reviewed the identical product in orange. I ordered 1,000 of these and they were delivered quickly for free by UPS ground. The sleeves are of good quality, glue is sealed strong on the seams, and we only had 1 defective sleeve out of 1,000. The sleeve can hold up to 5 (yes 5!) CDs inside without being too tight. I was happy with them, so I bought another 4,000 to move my CD/DVD collection from jewel cases to sleeves.


February 25, 2016 Verified Purchase

Good quality

I ordered 1,000 of these and they were delivered quickly for free by UPS ground. The sleeves are of good quality, glue is sealed strong on the seams, and we only had 1 defective sleeve out of 1,000. The sleeve can hold up to 5 (yes 5!) CDs inside without being too tight. I was happy with them, so I bought another 4,000 to move my CD/DVD collection from jewel cases to sleeves.


January 19, 2016 Verified Purchase

Paper CD Sleeves with Window & Flap

Best Product, Best Service & Best Prices ! This is not the first time I used CheckoutStore, and will be back again.

Gary Jacobs

January 1, 2016 Verified Purchase


I bought these for use when I run out of the hard shell units, so I only use them when I must, but its a good idea to have them on hand.

D. C. Rhodes

December 30, 2015 Verified Purchase

Black CD Sleeves w/window

The service was quick without any problems. The quality of the sleeves are top notch. I use many of them and never is there any problem. I appreciate the quality as this is what my customers demand.


December 21, 2015 Verified Purchase

Paper sleeves

Product was of high quality and arrived very quickly.

Linda Kurth

November 5, 2015 Verified Purchase

purple cd sleeves

Thanks for such fast delivery. I have returned these because the color sleeves dont appear to be the color purple you see on line.


September 27, 2015 Verified Purchase

CD/DVD Sleeves w/ Window & Flap

This was our second order for this product. We ordered 1,000 a few years ago and just received 500 more. Not only are they much less expensive than those we previously purchased at one of the warehouse membership clubs, they work just as well for temporary storage of CDs and DVDs.

Joseph Keehn

July 24, 2015 Verified Purchase

Purple papaer sleeves

Ive been buying paper sleeves from this site for years. Ive bought all the different colors that they sell. They just added these purple sleeves so I thought I would get something different. Right away I noticed that the purple sleeves arent as strong as the other colors they sell. Its a lighter weight paper, maybe 80 grams. I would suggest buying the orange, green, blue or red sleeves because the paper is stronger and they dont buckle when you try to slide a disc in. Ive bought at least 10,000 of those colors and I love those sleeves. I thought the purple were made of the same weight paper and there not. Ill never buy the purple ones again.


July 9, 2015 Verified Purchase

Paper CD Sleeves

Great product and price! Checkout Stores delivery is always quick. Very satisfied customer.


July 6, 2015 Verified Purchase

I like

I Like the product.


June 12, 2015 Verified Purchase

Always satisfied

We order these a couple of times a year. Best pricing and great service. Never disappointed.


April 17, 2015 Verified Purchase


Bright and friendly yellow and very reasonably priced. Thanks.

John Hess

March 17, 2015 Verified Purchase

CD sleeves order

Good price, prompt delivery.

Jose A. Perez

March 12, 2015 Verified Purchase

Everything was fine except my order.

The ordering process and shipping was fine, however the order was not. I ordered the 1000 pack of paper CD sleeves in the color purple. Instead, I received 1000 dark BLUE CD sleeves. I emailed customer service about my concern and sent pictures, they said thats the only "purple" they had. I tried to explain that it wasnt purple and that it didnt match the picture from the website. All I got was a canned response saying "Product photos are used for illustrative purposes only, and do not necessarily represent the actual product you may receive." Customer Service then directed me to their return policy which said I had to pay for the shipping an a 15% re-stocking fee. I didnt even bother. I just dont want to deal with them again.


January 21, 2015 Verified Purchase

Great Quality!

I needed CD sleeves for my wedding since we were giving out CDs as our party favors since my husband and I are both musicians. And these were soooo cost effective, great quality, and shipped so quickly!! I was super impressed, and they looked great! Would definitely use this company again.


November 17, 2014 Verified Purchase

Top Quality Products

Top quality product as always from Checkout Store. Satisfied customer.


October 16, 2014 Verified Purchase


I have ordered DVD/CD sleeves from other companies, and this is by far the best - and the price is excellent. They are heavy enough to be durable and hold up well. I highly recommend them.


August 19, 2014 Verified Purchase

Paper CD Sleeves

Low cost DVD storage!


July 21, 2014 Verified Purchase

Paper CD Sleeves with Window & Flap

Fast delivery. Safe packing.


June 17, 2014 Verified Purchase

Exactly what it looks like

Ive ordered these black paper sleeves several times and they are exactly what youd expect. For the price, its a great value. 300 black paper sleeves for $20! Much slicker looking than the white paper sleeves and not much more money. Otherwise, they are just paper sleeves with plastic windows, nothing too special there. They do seem to hold up pretty well considering my band takes boxes of CDs


May 21, 2014 Verified Purchase

Perfect - exactly what I expected!

exactly as advertised....came quickly....well packaged


March 18, 2014 Verified Purchase

OMG! ! Best buy I have made online

Product was exactly as advertised. I was looking for something different, something you couldnt find at the local retail store. These CD covers was perfect. I used them for the CD sleeves for a 50th Wedding Annerversary Celebration. The color theme was Black & Gold, so by adding a gold ribbon after inserting the CD, made it the perfect party favor.


February 19, 2014 Verified Purchase




December 2, 2013 Verified Purchase

Paper CD Sleeves

Use for CD storage to cut down on space


October 1, 2013 Verified Purchase

great product checkout store the best

its a must product that needs to stay in stock


July 3, 2013 Verified Purchase

Great product at a great price!

We will use the black CD sleeves for DVDs that kids purchase at our summer camps. These are nice quality, and they arrived in a very timely manner. I will use this website for future purposes.

Dissatisfied Cu

May 18, 2013 Verified Purchase

They Pester You With Emails

Its not enough that you give them money you have to give so much more time to all their emails.

Wayne I.

May 16, 2013 Verified Purchase

Good value

Used in place of far more expensive Memorex sleeves. Second order and received within 3 days. Amazing service considering the low overall cost.

John the Pastor

May 7, 2013 Verified Purchase

Orange Paper CD Sleeves

I requested that the 500 free cd be a difference color. I was disappointed as I requested black cd sleeve instead I received the white ones. I wanted to see if the black would fit my display at fairs and festivities.


February 14, 2013 Verified Purchase

Just what I was lookin for

I make music cds for family and friends all the time, the sleeves are a blessing.


January 13, 2013 Verified Purchase

good stuff



January 4, 2013 Verified Purchase

I will buy this product again

We give away DVDs of our church services.


January 4, 2013 Verified Purchase

Good Product

I use as sleeves for mailing custom CDs & DVDs to my friends & relatives.


December 12, 2012 Verified Purchase

"A +"

Fast Shipping and a Great product = A+

carl m

December 11, 2012 Verified Purchase

top of the line 5 stars

i just love it i am really pleased with all the things i order from you . i will be ording more things soon mthe sleves i got are well worth the money

Dan G

November 8, 2012 Verified Purchase

great quality

Great quality and sealed packaging protects them in quantities of 100. There is also a small tab on the back side that can be used to securely lock the flap closed


November 6, 2012 Verified Purchase

Best Product for the Best Price

This paper sleeve is as good as any I have found and it is the best price you can find


October 17, 2012 Verified Purchase




July 31, 2012 Verified Purchase

good product

the packageing is great


July 30, 2012 Verified Purchase

Good product for the price

Best price I could find and good quality product


July 17, 2012 Verified Purchase

Great deal!

These are great to store CDs and DVDs in less space. I use them to store my backup DVDs of all of my video, picture, and other files from my computer. I can write on the outer paper area of the sleeve to label the discs without having to write on the discs.

Git R Done

May 30, 2012 Verified Purchase

Good Service

The product arrived timely, in properly packed shipping containers ... hence in good shape.


April 24, 2012 Verified Purchase

I am very pleased with this company,

using these sleves has saved space, time and money --sorting through dvds and cds. keeps them clean sand safe.


April 24, 2012 Verified Purchase

Great Product at an exceptional price.

The sleeves provide an affordable, space-saving way to store CD and DVDs.


April 9, 2012 Verified Purchase

nice color!

I wish the edges didnt show its age so soon, and i wish they arrived in better packaging. they were bent, so now theyre curved, not straight.


March 26, 2012 Verified Purchase

great price and fast shipping

i will order from chcekout storecom again.


March 25, 2012 Verified Purchase

Would Buy Again...

Great as Described!!!!


March 12, 2012 Verified Purchase

I Saw What I Needed

I Use The Paper Cover To Replace The Plastic covers It Adds More Storage space...Works For Me...


February 29, 2012 Verified Purchase

Great Product

The price yells "inexpensive" but the product says anything but that. These are really cool looking, the quality is great. The fold over flap is strong and holds well with the catch flap.

maine mann

February 28, 2012 Verified Purchase

fast delivery and i will buy again

i use the product for family movies


February 28, 2012 Verified Purchase

Cant beat the price

Works great for handing out CDs at Church.


February 26, 2012 Verified Purchase

Got My Order Fast

When I Order Before 2pm I Always Get My Order The Next Day...That Make Me A Happy Customer...Thank You...


February 19, 2012 Verified Purchase

Just what I wanted

I use these to pass out CDs to clients and I archive a lot of files, including movies.

Scott - Soundma

February 11, 2012 Verified Purchase

CD sleeves work great for all purposes.

Product is great, I would definitely recommend.

The LP guy.

February 1, 2012 Verified Purchase

good company use and reccommend.

Great service and extremely fast delivery will definitely use again.


January 31, 2012 Verified Purchase

CD Sleeves

Its a quality product at a modest price. I would recommend it to anyone.


January 11, 2012 Verified Purchase

Top Quality Store

To keep your CDs or DVDs safe (they also come in several colors)as needed.

Saint Michael

December 31, 2011 Verified Purchase

Exactly what I wanted, & cheap.

Just these were exactly what I was looking for & werent overpriced like some others. Ill buy more as soon as I need them.


December 19, 2011 Verified Purchase

CD Envelopes



December 19, 2011 Verified Purchase

Seem OK, but I havent used one yet

Arrived in time and seem pretty good. Time will tell becayse I havent used any yet.


October 28, 2011 Verified Purchase

Excellent Choice

Convenient Packaging


October 26, 2011 Verified Purchase

A OK no frills

product is fine.


October 2, 2011 Verified Purchase

Great Quality

I have been using these CD sleeves for years for CDs at our church. They hold up well and do a great job. We have never had any complaints.


September 29, 2011 Verified Purchase

Quck service, packaging could be better

The CD sleves came quickly. they were exactly what I expected. The only problem was the way they were packaged. They were shrink wrapped too tightly and that crushed the corners of the first few sleeves.


July 4, 2011 Verified Purchase

Great Product!!

Sending DVDs & CDs in the mail.


July 2, 2011 Verified Purchase

Awesome product!!

Best product [...] I have found on the net to date.


June 19, 2011 Verified Purchase

CD paper sleeves - Great choice

Great alternative to plastic cases in both cost and storage space.


May 23, 2011 Verified Purchase

Exactly as Ordered

Best competitive price. [...] Strong, high quality paper. I will order all my media products from here in the future.


April 18, 2011 Verified Purchase

CD covers

These work great by causing the cd to stand out.


April 7, 2011 Verified Purchase

Blue Color Paper CD Sleeves with Window

Using the sleeves for CDs for a 50th class reunion. Very pleased with the quality of the product [...]

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