STANDARD Black Triple 3 Disc CD Jewel Case

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Category: CD Jewel Cases

If you're looking for a space-saving storage solution for your CD collection, our STANDARD Triple 3 Disc CD Jewel Case is the perfect choice. Made from durable polystyrene material, this case allows you to easily view and organize up to three CDs in one convenient location. With a spine thickness of 10.4mm, it's designed to fit snugly in any standard CD rack or shelf. The triple capacity of this jewel case ensures maximum efficiency and protection for your valuable music collection. Whether at home, in the car, or on the go, keep your CDs safe and secure with this reliable and affordably priced storage solution. Order yours today!

Manufacturer: Mediaxpo


  • Category: CD Jewel Cases
  • Color: Black
  • Size: Standard
  • Thickness: 10.4mm
  • Capacity: 3 Disc Triple
  • Material: Polystyrene
  • Measurement: 143mm x 124mm x 10.4mm (5 5/8 x 4 7/8 x 3/8 inches)
  • Durable polystyrene material provides reliable protection from scratches, moisture, heat, and rough handling
  • The design showcases your discs while also allowing room for a booklet of up to 32 pages on the front
  • Unlike other cases, the back side does not accommodate artwork or trayliners
  • Conveniently holds up to three CDs in one compact case for easy storage
  • Standard size with a spine thickness of 104mm fits securely in CD racks and shelves

David Chiang

March 24, 2022 Verified Purchase


It handles 3 discs successfully.

Robert Alder

January 12, 2021 Verified Purchase

I found Checkoutstore a site that is easy to use, they have a great selection of products to use in conjunction with my in-home recording studio and shipped them to me promptly. Good first time experience!

Norman Nerl

December 10, 2020 Verified Purchase

STANDARD Triple 3 Disc CD Jewel Case

Bobbie Soper

November 17, 2020 Verified Purchase

Nice Cases for the cost

cases work well and are nice for their cost. Quick shipping too!

david sadowsky

November 14, 2020 Verified Purchase


your prices and speed of shipping is wonderful. selection of product is also great.


November 11, 2020 Verified Purchase

UNSURPASSED!!!!!…in my humble...

I’ve (re-)ordered these and the standard 2-cd jewel cases so many ad nauseum times…well, you might get the picture…they fit my bill absolutely perfectly!!!!!

Jerry Ferguson

October 23, 2020 Verified Purchase

Love These!

Great space saver.

Bruce B.

October 7, 2020 Verified Purchase

Triple CD jewel case

It's good to know that 3 CD jewel cases like these are still being manufactured and made available, because certain individuals (like me) still require them. And thank heavens for Checkout Store, a great and reliable supplier of these items. And the shipping is fast, with the items safely packaged, too.


April 16, 2019 Verified Purchase

3CD Jewel Case

Arrived in great condition, no cracks or broken pieces.


August 25, 2018 Verified Purchase

Standard Triple Cases

No big deal. They work exactly as advertised and save lots of space


February 13, 2018 Verified Purchase

Excellent service; product could be improved

Service was phenomenal. Ordering was easy and product shipped very quickly. The jewel cases were exactly as described and packed well, so they arrived in perfect shape. The cases are a little flimsy and made with the minimum possible quantity of plastic. But at least it exists, which is more than we can say anywhere else (triple CD cases are almost impossible to find).


December 27, 2017 Verified Purchase

Good Product, Would Order Again

Good sturdy cases. They arrived well packaged and none of them were broken or cracked.


December 14, 2016 Verified Purchase

3-CD Disc Jewel Cases

Excellent solution to save space for 3-disc sets in large CD collections. Prompt service and well packed. Thank you.

William McKnight

September 2, 2016 Verified Purchase

3 Disc CD cases

Price is the best Ive found and the service was excellent. Ill be ordering a supply of all the available configurations. The product was as described and very unique as it holds 3 CDs in the same space as a std CD instead of taking the space of the 4 or 6cd jumbo cases. A real space saver.

peter majoros

November 19, 2015 Verified Purchase

cd jewel cases

jewel cases work fine. most important is the protective bubblewrap you encase them with for shipping. i bought 200 cases and had only one broken one.


November 2, 2015 Verified Purchase

Great Product and Price

I finished a video project that required 3 discs instead of the usual 2 discs needed on all my other projects. So, I was very glad to find this case because even though it holds 3 discs, the case size is the same, therefore I didnt need to find a different DVD mailer because these fit perfectly in the mailers Ive been using for the 2 discs case


August 14, 2015 Verified Purchase

Standard Triple Disc Jewel Case

Space saving size, good quality, but be aware that in this product design there is no provision for placing a back cover info.


July 16, 2015 Verified Purchase

Cd Case

3 cds only thing be better is bigger then 8 Cd holder :) slim version. had to get more used all mine :) they work great for saving space


January 29, 2014 Verified Purchase

A well designed case at a reasonable pri

I like that this case has a clear face on both the inside and outside for use with inserts or labels and does not use the inside of the face to hold a disk. It also has room to include a booklet.

KBs Girl

November 8, 2013 Verified Purchase

Easy Peasy

Easy to use

Picky collector

October 21, 2013 Verified Purchase

Order condition

Several cases arrived cracked. Packing was inadequate to protect contents in light of the rough handling received in transport.


August 27, 2013 Verified Purchase

I brought Jewely cases for a friends

its for buddy of mine


April 9, 2013 Verified Purchase

Best so far

Ive used other vendors in the past, but they all had 1 or more problems: price too high, shipping/handling charges exorbitant, refused to ship via USPS. Check out store was superior in all 3 respects, and all my future orders will go to them.


March 18, 2013 Verified Purchase

great shipping time

as a gift for friends


February 1, 2013 Verified Purchase

Triple cd cases

These cases are a good value, arrived undamaged and in a timely manner.


January 31, 2013 Verified Purchase

these are much better then the last ones

much better then the ones i bought last year.

BRB Audiovisual

October 8, 2012 Verified Purchase

Its a Good Case

Good qualiy/price fast delivery - Thank You -


November 8, 2011 Verified Purchase

Exactly what I expected with best price

Over the past few years I made a couple of mix cds, one a sequel of the other. This year I made a 3rd mix in the series and decided it would be cool, since they all relate to each other, to package them all in one case. Ill be giving copies to friends and family.


November 3, 2011 Verified Purchase

Nice 3CD Cases A+

Very Fast Shipping

Magnificent Roa

October 3, 2011 Verified Purchase

You CAN Have Artwork on the Back!

Seller says "Design DOES NOT allow for artwork on the back side." Not true! The (sturdy) clip for the 3rd disc is on the inside of the (clear) back cover. But all you have to do is cut a hole (smaller than a dime) in the middle of the insert. The insert can even include a title strip for one edge of the case. If youre designing your own artwork/info card, you can design around the hole. The 3rd C


September 9, 2011 Verified Purchase

Excellent Product [...]

I purchased these to use for the DVDs and CDs produced for our church! They are exactly what was needed!

David Rogers

March 22, 2011 Verified Purchase

Second order, outstanding service

My first order was a small one, but I was so satisfied that I ordered enough multi-disc jewel cases to complete my storage project. The web site is easy to navigate, the products are good, and the service is lightning fast. Highly recommended.


March 14, 2011 Verified Purchase

Solid Construction

Overall professional look, design and product.

Record collecto

February 24, 2011 Verified Purchase

Adequate for the price

I had hoped to remove the black trays and replace them with clear double tray inserts, but the design prohibits this. Just a word of caution to those who would like to augment the usage of this product-- dont.


February 18, 2011 Verified Purchase

Will buy again

I would prefer to see better design for Triple 3 Disc CD Jewel Case that leaves the back side clear and flat (as for 2 CD case). The way its made now creates some problems for designing and making back inlays - because round hole is required, - so you need to think about it when designing inlays layout and then cut out this round portion nicely. It also doesnt look pretty from the back.


January 28, 2011 Verified Purchase

Product delivers

[...] I am happy with the product [...]


January 23, 2011 Verified Purchase

!!! incredible!!!

this product was half the price i paid for it else where a few months earlier.


January 14, 2011 Verified Purchase

Best buy for your buck BUT. . . .

Though the 3 CD case is a great buy, there is one problem: the CD does not fit easily over the "3rd Nipple" and requires too much manuevering to make it fit. And re-opening the CD does not guarantee that the 3rd CD will remain in place. A great buy but problematic.

Lady Cinnamon

December 26, 2010 Verified Purchase

Meets my exact needs

Very good product, arrived very promptly and in good condition - well packaged.


October 3, 2010 Verified Purchase

Great buy

These are hard to find. It was great to locate a source with reasonable prices[...]


October 2, 2010 Verified Purchase

Triple 3 disk cd jewel cases

I took the subway to the store and everything was ready for me. And the price was excellent.


October 2, 2010 Verified Purchase

[...] Excellent quality!_

Excellent quality product.

Abby to Ecuador

October 2, 2010 Verified Purchase

Just what I wanted

I have a small business in travel and I used these cases to hold 3 CDs The CDs were easy to insert and durable. I thought that it would be difficult to find a case that holds 3 CDs but this fits the bill. I definitely will order more if I need a case for three CDs.


October 2, 2010 Verified Purchase

Fine product

Fine quality CD cases.

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